Flowers in the Desert: January Bible Study

SUNDAYS IN JANUARY @ 8:45am in the Fellowship Hall.

Journeying through the books of the Old Testament prophets can feel like a pretty rough ride for the modern reader. The surrounding landscape is desolate, with grim warnings on one side and dire predictions of destruction on the other. The road up ahead doesn’t get much better either, as those grim warnings and fire predictions eventually become realities. And yet as you travel through that bleak wilderness, you’ll occasionally spot a flower — a beautiful bloom of the gospel that brings hope.

Based on the book of the same name, “Flowers in the Desert” is a Bible study that will lead us through the Old Testament prophets from Isaiah to Malachi. For people who live in spiritually bleak times, this class is a good opportunity for us to find encouragement and hope in the “flowers” that we come across in the challenging books of the Old Testament prophets.