Jesus Master Story Teller

March 4 – 25 on Sunday Mornings 8:45am

Fellowship Hall

taught by Pastor Waldschmidt

Jesus speaks our language. That the almighty God would teach mortal human beings things about His kingdom is an astounding blessing by itself. But that he would go to great lengths to frame those things in ways we can understand and easily remember—that makes us marvel even more at the love of our Savior! We’ll watch Jesus, the Master Storyteller, at work during this four week course on the parables.

Each week we will, Lord-willing, focus on a different story telling technique that the Master Storyteller used in his parables—things like dialogue, surprise and culture touchpoints. This class will enrich your knowledge by bringing to light aspects of the parables that you may not have recognized before. We’ll also take the message of each 2,000 year old story and see how Jesus still teaches us life lessons for today.