Midweek Lenten Series

“The Miracles of the Cross”

Peace Lutheran Church; Hartford, WI

Crown of Life Lutheran Church; Hubertus, WI

On Wednesdays in this Lenten season, we will celebrate special services where we can focus in on the several miracles and miraculous signs performed by God during the Passion of Jesus Christ.  These important and significant miracles and miraculous signs—that God the Father performed to set apart His Son’s death from absolutely all others—were performed to help spread the Good News, which is centered in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the face of opposition.

  • FEBRUARY 21 – The Miraculous Darkness
    • Mark 15:33  Steinbrenner (Strey at Crown –Temple Curtain)
  • FEBRUARY 28 – The Miraculous Tearing of the Temple Curtain
    • Matthew 27:50-51a  Strey  (Steinbrenner at Crown – Darkness)
  • MARCH 7 – The Miraculous Faith of the Centurion
    • Mark 15:39  Husby (Helwig at Crown – Creation)
  • MARCH 14 – The Miraculous Response from Creation
    • Matthew 27:51b  Helwig (Waldschmidt at Crown – Saints)
  • MARCH 21 – The Miracle of the Saints Raised to Life
    • Matthew 27:52-53  Waldschmidt (Husby at Crown – Centurion)