October Bible Studies

WELS Ministry Sunday, October 7—WELS Director of Discipleship, Rev. Donn Dobberstein will be our guest preacher and Bible Class presenter.

Stories You Never Learned in Sunday School—Let’s face it…with a book that covers 4000 years’ worth  of people’s stories, some are going to be well known, while others are destined to never be mentioned in a sermon, Bible Class or Sunday School lesson. But the Holy Spirit included all of it for a reason. So it’s time we give a little attention to the neglected, obscure and peculiar accounts that have may not have heard much about. We’ll find the characters interesting, the lessons quite relevant and our God amazing as always!  (WALDSCHMIDT) October 14 & 28

Sunday, October 21—We welcome the president of Martin Luther College, Rev. Mark Zarling and guest preacher for Peace Lutheran School’s 50th Anniversary. He will speak on his work at our synod’s worker training school during the Bible Class hour.

Day: Sundays
Time: 8:45 a.m.
Location: Fellowship Hall