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Divorce Care
Divorce is not God's plan for a Christian family. But when divorce does occur, it is often a painful process for most people. Often people feel confused and alone, and some even feel abandoned by the church.   At Peace, we want you to know that you are not alone.   We want you to know about a special support group here at Peace for individuals, who have been through a divorce.
We understand how deeply people and families are affected by divorce. Our prayer is that this group is a caring and supportive place to hear God’s promises; a place where individuals feel encouraged, while dealing with the pain of the past and work on rebuilding their lives. 

There is no charge to attend. Light refreshments follow each session.

DivorceCare Program is currently under reconstructure

Stay tuned to find the dates for the next session.

For more information on the program, feel free to call our church office at 262-673-5610.  Also, feel free to look at the DivorceCare website: www.DivorceCare.org.
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