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More Activities
The Altar Guild assists the pastors in preparing the altar, chancel, and church for the celebration of Holy Communion and the various seasons of the church year.  All women 18 years of age and older are invited to be members of the Altar Guild.  Responsibilities include the preparation for Holy Communion, weekly altar and chancel decorations, ordering communion supplies, hanging banners and altar linens for each church season, and decorating the Christmas trees.  For more information, contact Karen Arfstrom (jkarfstrom@gmail.com ).
Boy Pioneers

The Lutheran Boy Pioneer organization provides a program of interest to the youth of the church, teaches useful skills for living in God's world, develops a knowledge of God's creation and Christian leadership skills, and encourages fellowship and serving the Lord in the church and the community.  Special activities include the Pinewood Derby, campouts, and hiking.  Boys in grades K5-12 are invited to join the Lutheran Boy Pioneers.   For more information,  Mike Heinz of Peace Lutheran Church, (262-670-0590).

Peace Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Peace PTA promotes Christian fellowship between parents and teachers as it works to develop a better understanding of the purpose of Christian education.  They support the faculty of Peace Lutheran School in helping to develop the moral, ethical, spiritual, and physical characteristics of the students.  Their goal is to support the school and be of service to it.  The PTA meets four times per year.  Other activities are planned by the organization, including helping with the concession stand during basketball season and planning the Family Fun Fest.  For more information, contact Mike Heinz, President.
Church Counters
Church Counters count and tabulate weekly church offerings and aid the Financial Secretary in recording these offerings.  They arrange the envelopes in numerical order, open and count contents, and record that amount to the individual member accounts.  They may assist the Financial Secretary in entering data into the church computer.  For more information, contact Chuck Lisko, (cflisko@hotmail.com).
Church Greeters

Peace Lutheran Church greeters warmly greet and welcome people as they enter the church for worship services.  These greeters also help visitors who may be unfamiliar with the church and have questions to be answered.  Greeters are volunteers and / or members of various organizations.  Each volunteer or organization greets people about 4-5 times a year as assigned.  For more information, contact Laurie Lepien (lipnlaurie@netwurx.net).
Church Historians

The Church Historians maintain an accurate historical record of the church and its membership.  They maintain records of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths; and they compile historical church documents.  For more information, contact Shirley or Mert Hess via the church office at (262) 673-5610.
Lutheran Girl Pioneers
Lutheran Girl Pioneers encourages girls to put Christ in every phase of their lives and to help them learn Christian values as they explore, discuss, and use their gifts and talents to serve their Lord   Lutheran Girl Pioneers is open to girls in grades 1-12. 
The girls are divided into five groups according to their ages:  Sunbeams (1st & 2nd grades); Travelers (3rd & 4th grades); Trailblazers (5th & 6th grades); Homesteaders (7th & 8th Grades); and Jr Leaders/Spinners (HS).  There is also an Adult Caravan Counselor and Leader/Helpers.  They work on activities which promote service to the Lord including worship, evangelism, education, recreation, and special interests 

For more information, contact Barb Braun (barbara.braun@att.net). For more information on the Lutheran Girl Pioneer program visit their national website.
School Library
Volunteers help maintain the Peace Lutheran School library materials, such as books, videos, and other materials.  The volunteers help by returning books to the shelves and cataloging or carding the books.  They also help children develop library skills and find materials as needed for class projects or personal reading.   

For more information, contact the school principal, Mr. Ben Washburn (bwashburn@peacehartford.org or 262-673-3811).

School Lunch Program
School Lunch Program volunteers pick up, heat, and serve hot lunch meals each day to Peace Lutheran School children and teachers.  They are also responsible for keeping the kitchen, the counter, and related areas clean and sanitized.

One person serves as the coordinator working with approximately 24 volunteers and five subs.  They transport the lunch from Central Middle School who also provides the instructions for heating or cooking.  They stack and setup trays, utensils, and napkins; obtain the meal counts for each class; clean the kitchen; wash serving dishes; and return totes, trays, and silverware to Central school.  The coordinator sets up a monthly schedule, and does the monthlly billing and reports.

For more information, contact Mr. Ben Washburn, Principal (bwashburn@peacehartford.org or 262-673-3811).
Ushers assist the pastor and congregation in ways that contribute to an orderly worship service.  Usher teams are comprised of male members of the church who are assigned to every worship service on a rotating basis.

The ushers distribute service bulletins before each service, assist in seating worshippers, take the offering, take and record attendance, dismiss the congregation in an orderly manner, and perform various other tasks geared towards maintaining an orderly worship, including the communion service.

For more information, contact Bruce Frank at brucefra@sbcglobal.net.
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