Summer Worship Series: Curious about the Kyrios?

Beginning in June, Peace will offer a worship series entitled “Curious about the Kyrios?” Kyrios is the greek term for “Lord” or “Master.” Join us to learn more about your Lord and give him the praise and honor he, and he alone, deserves. Here is a rundown of the services:

June 03: Lord of the Sabbath

Jesus, as the Son of Man, as the divine-human Lord of all, has the right to do whatever he wants on any day that he wants — all for the benefit of his people.

June 10: Lord even over Evil

The devil is strong and mighty, indeed, but in Christ he has found more than his match. He has met his Lord and Master.

June 17: Lord of the Kingdom

Jesus rules over the Kingdom of faith, sending the seed of his Word to create and strengthen faith in the hearts of his people.

June 24: Lord of All Creation

The Lord uses his divine power and authority in the interest and service of his people.

July 01: Lord of Life and Death

Even death is obliged to flee at the words of Christ. He shares that power with all Christians in giving them life eternal.